You might have noticed that we haven’t posted anything new in a while. Some of our equipment has been sent for repair and as a small and humble studio, we do not have a lot of spare equipment to replace the missing elements. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that we’re on complete standby.

Several things are slowly cooking

The repairing process takes about a month so we took the time to work on the website while broken equipment is being taken care of. As the site was published earlier than we thought, we already got back to work with simple tasks that don’t require extra gear.

It shouldn’t take too long now for the equipment to get back to the studio in good shape. In the meantime, we are working on sound packs to add to the future online store and some hip-hop-ish background music for video makers. Of course, these tunes won’t be published before the gear comes back so we can ensure their quality.

The team might welcome a new member

Of course, we can’t tell much about this. A meeting is scheduled tomorrow with an experienced beatmaker/event organizer who is very interested in the Pickbyte project. Here’s a hint : he works at Wood Lab.

A word about statistics

The website stats have talked and you guys rock. A lot of people came to see the new website and shared and liked it on social media, and for that, we thank you so much ! It might just be a click or two for you but it means a lot to us.

So to close this post we just have one thing to say :


Have a nice day and keep on rockin’ !