A bilingual website ? Why not !

We at Pickbyte have been contacted a couple times by french/francophone customers. As we are based in Switzerland and the team is composed of francophone artists, we thought about providing access to our content in both english and french.

The site has been put into maintenance earlier this morning to do some testing and even though the process is tougher than we thought, it actually is feasible. There are two options : adding a system where there is only one site that has translated pages to display acording to the browser settings and/or the user’s choice, and having two sites (one in english, one in french).

The first option is lighter and more clever, while the second one is easier to set up but heavier server-wise. Whatever option we choose, this will take time.

What will be translated

As Pickbyte’s website has a news section which is basically a blog type page displaying blog type articles, it is the only section that will not be translated except if a specific article needs to.

The rest of the site will be totally accessible in both english and french.

However, we are still thinking that translating our posts on social media is not always a good idea. Depending on the length and the type of post, having two versions of it can make it very long and uncomfortable to read, and we assume our dear readers expect the information to be accessible quickly and efficiently. Thus having a long Facebook post split in two parts and so long that you will have to click the “read more” link in order to display the version in your favourite language is not the best way to communicate.

Tell us what you think !

We would love to know your opinion on the subject. Feel free to send us your feedback via Facebook or the contact form. The goal here is to enhance comfort and accessibility, not to destroy what has been done the right way so far.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say !

In the meantime, we wish you a good [insert what fits your timezone here] and as always….

Keep on rockin’ !