The Pickbyte project now has a website and we’re super excited about it !

But why our own website when the available online platforms can do that for us ? Well, eventhough these platforms are convenient we really wanted to have our own place to share our work with all of you. Also, managing your content on third party websites doesn’t really spare you that much time after all.

So, what’s to be expected with this website in the future ?

First of all, the store where you will be able to purchase various content such as albums, background music, samples and sounds to use in your projects. This section will take a bit more time to set up, for security and privacy reasons.

We will also regularily post articles in the News section where we talk about music in general. We might also write about deeper subjects in music for our fellow musician readers.

Finally, there will probably be an account system but this is not a priority at the moment. We want to keep this site as simple as possible. No  newsletter, no notifications, no ads, gluten-free and eco-friendly.

Beta testing and further improvements

Pickbyte’s website is still a work in progress. While browsing, please let us know if you stumble uppon any bug or inconvenience. This will help us react as fast as possible and improve the overall experience, especially when the shop section will be available. You can use the contact section to send us your feedback.

Enjoy, share, have fun !

And that’s all for now ! Thanks to all of you for your amazing support. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to read from you.

Keep rocking,