The website is now SSL secured !

As our first purchasable items are almost ready to be deployed, it was time to secure the website in order to make sure that future transactions are safe. And that’s it ! Pickbyte’s official website is now in HTTPS, which can be verified by clicking the green lock on the left of your browser’s URL bar.

Why does it matter ?

You already know HTTP, right ? That prefix that comes before the “www” of a URL. Well, the “S” at the end means “secure”. It means that from now on, the communication between you and the website is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security). All the data involved in your browsing of the website is therefore secured.

The online shop can now open trustfully

Having the green lock was a high priority before opening the online shop. As pruchasable items will be featured, we didn’t want to try the devil and allow unsecured transactions to occur. Safety first, huh !

We chose PayPal as our first payment method. Additional methods might be available later. For those of you who don’t have or don’t want to use PayPal, feel free to contact us to suggest another option.

Stay tuned, like and share !

While we get the shop ready and polish the first items, don’t hesitate to like us on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. You can also donate here to support further free downloads.

We have come a long way thanks to your support and it means a lot to us. <3