Pickbyte in a nutshell

The Pickbyte project started in early 2018 when Zad was asked to make royalty-free music for YouTube videos. He then decided to carry it further and build a whole project around royalty-free music for video makers and content creators in general.

Who we are

Pickbyte is actually run by Zad, a swiss musician with a solid background in live music and teaching. Lost somewhere between two mountains, he left big cities to build his studio in the countryside.

After some time, L. Castera joined the project as a piano player and classical writing advisor, and K. Ulmet as a beatmaker and high quality hip-hop siren imitator. Pyooo pyoopyoopyoo pyoooo !

The full story

The Pickbyte project was born in early 2018 when Zad met a YouTuber, Jolly Roger Aerospace, who makes videos with the niche-but-famous video game Kerbal Space Program. JRA was looking for some royalty-free music to put on his videos without having them taken down.

After the first track was released they were pretty satisfied with this collaboration and Zad decided to carry the project further. Pickbyte was born.

In late 2018, after more tracks went out, JRA came up with a new project. A short film shot with KSP which Pickbyte would write the music for. This was just enough to end 2018 with lots of new ideas and projects.

This was the beginning of a fascinating adventure.

Creative Commons

All our work is distributed under Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 4.0). Learn more about this license by clicking the button below.

Licence Creative Commons

Special thanks

You guys have all our love, respect and thankfullness :

K. Greenwood | Wouldn’t have been possible without you.
L. Castera | “This is lydian, it has a sharp fourth ! – No it’s not. – Yes it is ! – Ok shut up and let’s play Destiny 2.”
D. Fenn and P. Bourgeault | For the encouragement and sharing of Zad’s covers.
Morpho | For the encouragements and the honest opinion on our tracks.
E. Rueff and J.-M. Rueff | The best musicians we know on our lovely mountain.
G. Voirol | For the awesome streams and the delicious chocolate easter bunny.
J. Lindemann | Because wherever you are, you’re simply the best.

And of course the very very special thanks goes to my dear and beloved Xine. Thank you for everything, from supporting my work to forcing me to take breaks when you hear I’m doing nonsense. You’re more important to me than my audio interface.
– Zad