Who we are and what we do

The Pickbyte project wants to provide content creators such as YouTubers, Twitch streamers, video makers, etc. with royalty-free music and sounds. Learn the story in the “about” section.

On demand music for your project

You want a specific sounds or music for your project ? You’re at the right place ! Don’t hesitate to contact us and submit your project. We answer as fast as we can (timezones can interfere with that), usually within 12 hours.

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Customers spotlight

Jolly Roger Aerospace

Jolly Roger Aerospace is a YouTuber from the USA who makes videos with the incredible game Kerbal Space Program. He has a couple of awesome series such as PFC (Plane Fight Club) where he takes his community’s creations and lets them fight together until only one remains. Much fun !


SmitySenpai is a francophone swiss Twitch streamer who streams various games with a hardcore-yet-fun approach. Watch him get salty with games like Sekiro and Dark Souls, smack his friends in Super Smash Bros, or run after alpagas in World of Warcraft. It is worth every second !


Raugdae is a swiss speedrunner and streamer who plays video games the hard way. You can watch him stream his favourite games on Twitch but also brute-force his way towards the end as fast as possible (that’s what speedrunning stands for). He also does it live in gaming events such as the Herofest in Bern, Switzerland where he presented his run of Banjo Kazooie in 2019.

Le Hub

Le Hub is a Discord server where communities from different Twitch streamers such as SmitySenpai and Raugdae come together and share their love for video-games and much more. Mostly french speaking, people from all around the globe started joining in – adding more glitter to that shiny community. Come shine with them, they’ve got cookies.

Free downloads

There’s also free music to download. You can use it however you want according to Creative Commons License (CC BY-LA).

As writing, performing, and producing music takes time and effort, your support would help us continue to provide free content. To help us, you can donate here.

We also make covers when we have time

Because we love video games and video games music is usually awesome, Zad makes covers of his favourites. Check out his version of Mercenary King‘s OST “Guns under the Sun” !

FAQ and further information

If you want more information, please refer to the about and FAQ (coming soon) sections of the site. There should be all you need to know.

Otherwise, you can always contact us and ask whatever you want to know. Do not hesitate !